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    Posted in: Jan - Feb 2015

    At a macro level, the concept of “area domination” is an attempt on the part of the authorities to establish the country’s flag and force, to show the former and use the latter, should the need arise. It finds applicability in all the three mediums i.e. land, air and sea and can be both reactive […]

    Posted in: Oct-Nov 2014

    The experience of India in dealing with terrorism since 1980’s is well known to the global community. However, with the increase in extremist attacks on Indian Territory in 2008 with special reference to 26/11, there are a number of questions on the preparedness of India’s Security Agencies to counter terror in all forms. India faces […]

  • UAVs for security
    Posted in: Oct-Nov 2014

    The earliest attempt to use the UAVs was as aerial targets in 1915. The first operational usage began in 1959 when the US Air Force commenced planning for unmanned flights to avoid losing trained pilots over hostile territory. This plan gained further momentum when Gary Powers piloting a U-2 spy aircraft was shot down over […]

  • India and the great war
    Posted in: Feb-March 2014

    The First World War (1914-1918) or the Great War for Civilization, as it was known atthe time, was a watershed event in modern world history.

  • Ballet in the air
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    The Bengaluru skies played host to the gleam of aircraft from around the world. Sandeep Sethi describes the spectacular Aero India 2013 show